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Fot AIT we developed several lists of words in foreign languages

Foundation VOC (Videotex Enterprises Circuit) 3030 - 1273 RJ Huizen - The Netherlands
Telephone: 00-31-35-5244141

In addition to the "document translator program" of AIT we developed several lists of words in foreign languages. It takes at least three months of editing and testing such a list of about ten thousand translations. At this moment we have completed (within our aim) the following modules:

   1: English -> Dutch     +  Dutch   -> English
   2: English -> German    +  German  -> English
   3: German  -> Dutch     +  Dutch   -> German
   4: French  -> Dutch     +  Dutch   -> French
   5: French  -> English   +  English -> French
   6: Polish  -> English   +  English -> Polish (probe)
   7: Indonesian -> Dutch  +  Dutch   -> Indonesian (small)
   8: Chinese -> German    +  German  -> Chinese (very large)
   9: Dutch  -> Chinese    +  Chinese -> Dutch (very large)

At this moment we are working on two more languages for addition to the VOC-AIT translation library, Indonesian and Polish. We are confident that the AIT translator can bring more understanding between the nations on Earth.

Not being able to produce more culture linking modules in a reasonable time, we decided to ask a modest contribution to the cost of development. For this moment, we accept a contribution of $ 50 for each module containing a basic translation of app. 10.000 words visa versa of a language.

If you are willing to contribute to the extension of the VOC Word Library, you are invited to send us in any (not VOC registered) language, the translation of the english word list in the standard module. On disk of course !! People who contribute (if possible and appropriate) will get compensation for their efforts in a way that promotes the development of the AIT Translator (c) and the buildup of the VOC Word Library (c).

The responsibility for the translation resides with the VOC Foundation entirely, but can under no circumstances, or what so ever, lead to any claim for damages.

The objective of the VOC Word Library is focused entirely on the cultural side of life, and not on business. Another option is, that by using the VOC Word Library with the AIT Translator, the use of the native language will be improved substantially. This side effect was experienced by us significantly.

Concerning the near unification of Europe, we consider the cooperation between AIT, VOC and all users an important contribution to make the world a better and safer place.

   Orders to: Stichting VOC (Videotex Ondernemingen Circuit)
              Westkade 227, Postbox 3030
              1273 RJ Huizen
              The Netherlands

   Bank account: RaboBank
   Postgiro account of the bank: 251617