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One can read the texts quit well up to the limitations of the program

Download the automatic translation program Babylon (1,4 MB)

Dear John,

I have done my best to translate some causes of the world's recession to German. It took me about three days to process all of it. In despite of this, I put on this disk only Dutch texts. That is why I added a translation program, on which I am working now. One can read the texts quit well when one has adapted himself to the limitations of the program. However, I ask you to let me know if people appreciate the LITTLE SISTER of BIG BROTHER. I am convinced that there are great possibilities to spread my and other views about the economy; for that is pure dynamite. For easy startup I made a batchfile that can be invoked with the key 'V' at the DOS-prompt. Just try it.

User instructions:
Start INSTALL.BAT form the diskette and answer some questions. Mostly with 'Y' An appropriate directory will be made on drive C:\ and all BABYLON files will be copied to the subdirectory C:\BABYLON. About a 100 files will be created. Be sure at least 9 megabytes of free disk space are available. Start the translation program AIT.EXE. Choose the option INSTALL, and answer the questions. Choose e.g. the database D2G in order to translate from Dutch to German. Select after this the option EDITOR. Within the EDITOR MENU you can take the function UTILITIES. Than pick the option IMPORT-EXPORT.

One menu further on, you have e.g. the choice IMPORT WORDS, where with ENTER a list of databases will be given. E.g. E2D (English to Dutch), or A2E (Arabic to English). For the translation of my texts to German, you will have to take D2G. After the import of about 18000 words you leave the EDITOR. Pick from the main menu the function TRANSLATOR. With ENTER you will get at first an empty field to be able to put in a name, but with some other ENTER you will get an overview of all the files in the subdirectory C:\BABYLON. Enter the TEXT-dir. Look now for a file with the extension ZNS, what is the abbreviation of ZINS or INTEREST in German. Give ENTER again, and the translation will run by itself.

Do you want to learn the programm new words? Do start the programm with the learn option /L. So: AIT/L. The programm than stops on each word it does not know yet. Afterwards you can make changes with the EDITOR utilities. Make an EXPORT to hard disk, and contribute to the international database library of the VOC Foundation. For the time being people have to work pretty hard to connect all languages to all other languages; and provide each world citizen the opportunity to read correspondences with authorities that were exchanged about the monetary policy and about the economy. LITTLE SISTER will be able to improve democracy substantially. LITTLE SISTER is this small disk on which so much information can be transferred without any possibility of repression. So, copy PDC-III (PUBLIC DOMAIN CORRESPONDENCE-III) to directory C:\PDC-III and run it. PDC-III is LITTLE SISTER as you will understand !!

Have fun reading, Robert

    p.s. When you want to show other people this file, I do think it's alright, therefore I give my address once more.

    Foundation VOC
    P.O. Box 3030
    1273 RJ Huizen
    The Netherlands
    Telephone: 00-31-35-5244141