De Kredietcrisis was in 1996 al in de maak, waarschuwingen ten spijt! Rente betalen over bijgedrukt geld van DNB?

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De Kredietcrisis was in 1996 al in de maak, waarschuwingen ten spijt.
Maar wie wordt er uiteindelijk op afgerekend; en wie betaalt de rekening?

Question Time


Dear mr. Dimbleby,


As I watch your program regularly from my home in The Netherlands, I want to propose some questions for your program.


1)    Money, what is it? Currency, capital, store of wealth, liquidity or a plain mystery?

2)    Where is money coming from? Out of the sky? Out of a factory, or out of a computer virtually?

3)    Who makes our money? The government, the central Bank, or private banks? Is enough money available?

4)    What is the capacity of money to create jobs? Or to annihilate employment by a shortage of the stuff?

5)    When we see the financial or monetary crisis on Cyprus, there is something interesting going on.

6)    One half of the island has a stable Islamic structure (Turkish) and the other half is westerly plunged into jeopardy!

7)    Who dares to ask questions about this phenomenon and differences on this small island? You?

8)    Is Question Time only for budgetary problems or also for structural issues of the money system?

9)    All European governments are struggling with money without knowing what money really is.

Yours truly

Robert M. Brockhus
Westkade 227
1273 RJ Huizen

David Dimbleby,

I watched your program Question Time in my home town Huizen in the Netherlands. As a regular watcher of your program I was enthusiastic about the remark of a man in the public who said: “Where does the money come from? Who has it?

As a result of his remark a cacophony of squabbling occurred in the panel. In my country, The Netherlands, the same lack of knowledge reigns in parliament and the national press, because in my country the same madness about austerity happens. No one asks where all those billions of Euro’s are coming from. As I can prove, money comes from heaven. And from there also a solution derives for the same problem in my and your country, concerning unemployment and poverty, next to an avoidable problem with the national budget.


You should not think that I am a genius. No, I am not, just a researcher and observer of what happens in the bloodstream of the monetary system. Money is now a days created by the central Bank for less than ten percent. The rest, ninety percent is created by private banks (or was created before the collapse, and less today which causes the recession). This by lending financial credit; and in this process creating new money out of the blue.  


So if you want more information about the monetary disorder in the western world and probable solutions for the economic disorder, I advise you to visit this website: in English, and in Dutch: I asked the prime-minister in The Netherlands, Mark Rutte himself, where all those billions of euro’s came from to be able to buy ABN-AMRO bank en Fortis Bank Netherlands back from the Belgians. He did not know…..! (See: Mark Rutte)   


© Met vriendelijke groet,


R.M. Brockhus

Westkade 227

1273 RJ Huizen




As about point 5, Cyprus, there is a miracle going on. The western part of Cyprus is a western orientated capitalistic financed economy, based on money creation out of the blue by private banks, resulting in a huge financial crisis. On the eastern part of Cyprus there is a banking system and financial structure based on the Sharia, where government is issuing all money in ciculation, and no banking crisis is to be observed! Question for your Question Time on BBC-1: "What is the difference between those two monetary systems on a small island like sunshine Cyprus?"

I do await a response from you.