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This corporate body is acknowledged by approbation of the articles of association by royal decision 060866 nr. 150.
: A. Snoek, August Vördingstraat 193, 7558 AD, Hengelo (O), The Netherlands, Tel. +31-74-8500956.
Treasurer: W.H. Wolbrink sr. Old Ruitenborgh 68, 7558 NH, Hengelo (O), The Netherlands, +31-74-2913554.

Giro account 21005 at the name of Bellamy Stichting, Hengelo (O)
Registration at the Chamber of commerce Veluwe en Twente nr. 40412623
The Bellamy Foundation is publishing 4x a year here favorite paper




A word from the

Donationes and legacies

To be royal acknowledged in the Netherlands is a good thing, it cannot better, but there had to be money as well, without the Bellamy Foundation cannot live of course. To what do you give your money is an important question and the answere too of course. Formal we bring the world of visions of the American profet Edward Bellamy in the world. Beautiful, but what does it mean? He shows us the better world and on that world we are working by the devellopment of new ideas which had to bring us to the better world. In this way we actialy functioning as a innovative brain-function (in dutch 'denktank') but even too as the implementator of this by putting these new ideas in soak.

So we are communitively revolutionair with our new ideas for the future and to bring with these ideas the conciousness of the population on a higher level and that is exactly the thing that Edward Bellamy had predicted and that this will happen shortly before his Big Revolution. His beautiful world, based on the human rights, is the final purpose by bringing the consiusness of the human beings on a higher level. For that purpose we have published three books and we want still publish them in the USA. One is ready to publish in Ingilsh and the others are not. So we are looking for a published as well.

What is the final purpose and what not?

It is certainly not an other way of communism. He predicted this period to but as a bad period in history for that century only and not more then that. At the end it is a much better form of liberalism and socialism together with democratic freedom, labour and prosperity for everybody and without war, poverty and hunger.

Stood Edward Bellamy alone in his idea of the Big Revolution?

No, he did not. Other great prophets have told us the same Big Revolution in two years time like Nostradamus, Jules Vern, George Orwell and Vladimir Solovjov.

How close is it?

Who reads Edward Bellamy's books will recognize a lot of things, like the internet which will help to bring us to the higher level of conciousness. So it is close now!


2001-9-11 in the the profecy of Edward Bellamy


Preface 1

Preface II

The personality of Edith Leete impressed me

The thirtieth day of May 1887 fell on a Monday

I obtain an economical share

The effort to realize my position made me giddy

In the course of the evening the ladies retired

Dr. Leete ceased speaking and I remained silent

You mustered your industrial anny into service

When I awoke I felt greatly refreshed

Dr. and Mrs. Leete were a little startled to learn

If I am going to explain our way of shopping

When we got home, Dr. Leete had not returned

The questions which I needed to ask

Dr. Lee accompanied me to my bedroom

A heavy rainstorm came up during the day

On our tour of inspection, we came to the library

Next morning I rose before the breakfast hour

I found processes at the warehouse interesting

That evening I sat up after the ladies retired

In the early morning we visited Charlestown

Edith inquired about the underground chamber

It had been suggested by Dr. Leete

We had made an appointment to meet the ladies

That evening I sat with Edith in the music room

In the morning I went down stairs early

The personality of Edith Leete

Foreign trade within the profit system

Vested corporate interests restrain progress

Maximizing profit anhinilated inventions


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