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Amsterdam Summit, Inflation is coming with the euro. If true, then what ?
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Inflation will sky rocket up to 20% in the first year with the coming euro

The Euro will cause wealth, bus also unemployment and poverty
Foundation Social Databank Netherlands

Amsterdam Summit

June 16th and 17th 1997

Fax message for the press at the Amsterdam summit June 14th 1997

Inflation is coming with the euro........
If true, then what .....................!

Inflation will sky rocket up to 20% in the first year with the coming euro. Why? Simple: the hundreds of billions of francs, lires, marks, pounds, guilders circulating in the speculative currency circuit and in the transnational banking circuit will suddenly be released. Released from the "Sponge of Time". Those billions hover above the primary money market as long as different currencies exist. With the introduction of the euro those billions of currencies and purchasing power will seek and find a place to condense, and will cause a wave of inflation. The central bank of Europe and of the member states, will not be able to prevent this, because it concerns private capital. Where can the surplus of (M1) liquidity be withdrawn to prevent this threat of predictable euro-inflation? For answers: visit the internet site of the Sociale Databank Nederland.

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