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Ed Steur will Nomination von Prof.dr.dr. Günther für den Nobelpreis des Friedens

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About the nomination of Prof.dr.dr. Günther
for the Nobel Prize for Peace

Det Norske Nobel-Institutet
Dramensv . 19
N-0255 Oslo
Norske/Norge/ Norwegen

Amsterdam, 6 june 2001

Dear ladies and Gentlemen,

I heard that Prof. Siegwart Horst Gunther has been nominated for the Nobel Price for Peace for this year. With this letter I send you a CD-rom with the internet site of the "Sociale Databank Nederland" in The Netherlands. We have a homepage made for Prof. Günther on this site. The URL of this internet site is

You can visit the homepage of the SDN (Social Databank Netherlands Foundation). On the left side you will see a button with 'BIJLMERRAMP' (Crash of the Boeing 747). Click on this button and you will see the website with extensive information about the El-Al Crash in Amsterdam on october 4th 1992. Click on the button "Dossier Prof. Dr. Dr. Siegwart Horst Günther and you will see the homepage of Prof. Günther. On this page there are 9 items. Some of the photos are connected to a video film, which gives you an insight into the matter. Mostly in Dutch en some in English.

You will find on this site and on the CD-rom a video film that was braodcasted by the Belgian television BRT1. This film (in Dutch and in English shows how dangerous depleted uranium is, with an overview of the investigations of Prof. Gunther in Iraq and the hazards of depleted uranium for the health of the population. You can see the effects of radiation and poisoning on (UN)born children. On some pages you can click on the photograph and see a video behind it. On a mouseclick the film is started.

I hope that Prof Dr. Dr. Gunther gets de Peace Nobel Prize. I am convinced that he deserves this.

With my kind regards,

Sincerely, Ed. Steur.

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