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Dr. Günther schreibt Ed Steur und dankt ihm für den Support

Ed Steur .. Burgers & Bijlmer . . Prof. Günther Bijlmerramp Solbach-Freise Stg. für Zivilcourage

Dankbrief von Dr. G√ľnther an Ed Steur

Dankbrief von Dr. Günther an Ed Steur

Amsterdam 24 May 2001

E.I.M. Steur
Silvoldestraat 51
1107TC Amsterdam Z.O
Tel 020-6963617

Lieber Prof. Dr. Dr. Siegwart Horst Günther,

Ich weiß daß Ssie auch die Englische Sprache lesen können. Mein Englisch ist was besser Als mein bestes Deutsch. Darfur schreibe ich meinen Brief in der Englische Sprache.

I received yesterday a letter from you. I thank you for this letter. I know now that you had two operations. Now you get an X-ray treatment (Bestralungstherapie) to destroy and fight the last cancer cells. I hope that you will recovered fully from your illness.

You wrote me your first letter on 2 Januar 2001. Your brochure "Urangeschossene" with letters and photos are placed on the internet. I have also published the letter from you to "Der president des Internationalen Gelben Kreuzes". Your bank account is also placed on the internet at

People can send money to your bank to pay for the cost of your surgery. They can read on the internet that your health insurrance company will not compensate you for the cost for your medical treatment. So I do hope that people will send you enough money to pay the bills.

On one of the pages on the internet the head lines is:

  • Professor Siegwart Horst Günther needs help.

    On another page is on the head:
    Professor Siegwart Horst Günther get support from the Bijlmer Crash Victems.

There also pages to support your story. The new pages that you send to me and the letters for the support for your Friedes Nobel Preis I also send to the webmaster of the website
I hope that this pages the people fast can see on the website; and I hope that you will get the Nobel Prize. You deserve it all the way and you have my support. In a few days I will print and send you an envelope with the pages on the internet about you.

Maybe you don't know it, but you have a loth of friends in the Netherlands. I wish you a good health in the future, and let we stay in contact.

Greetings to you from myself, Mrs. Anne Wessels, Mrs. Tinie Gorter and Mrs. Yvette van den Heuvel.

If you want to send me a fax, you can do this to my computer at tel. number: 00-31-20-7740610. Call me first on my tel. number 00-31-20-6963617. I must then startup my computer first to be able to receive your fax.


    Ed Steur.

    "Mütter gegen den Krieg" e.V. Erfurt
    Spenden-Konto: 6251013
    Kennwort: Prof. Günther
    Bankleitzahl: 82020086
    Geldinstitut: HypoVereinsbank Erfurt

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