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The pressure of my friends, colleagues and many other critical but intelligent people rose above my head. I cannot waste precious relations because of the still unproven or shown evidence of a conspiracy around the murder on Pim Fortuyn. So I do worry very much.

I also read the publication on the AAAction website


Dutch prime minister Balkenende who is expected to be re-elected January 22nd has had no problem handing over Dutch sovereignty to the European Union and Berlin.

Bilderberg, Germany and Vatican want a European super state which may be led by the ruthless Edmund Stoiber. Mr. Balkenende WILL NOT stop that! He is too weak.

That is not what Pim Fortuyn wanted.

There is no need for now informed Dutch people to see your materials because they ALREADY KNOW what's on them! It is stated clearly on the main page of your website.

We can now conclude and I can read that Dutch aaaction page visitors and forum members:

-do not trust you
-are lazy
-are badly influenced by Dutch media

Where are the leaders who are stronger than greedy officials who follow secret international societies?

MCC Comment:

We are never giving up our struggle against the Great Cabal.

It most true that they are badly influenced by Dutch media, as well as they are by forces now entering into a manipulations and deceptions phase against MCC. They close discussion with excuses and false claims. We are now awaiting the results of their manipulations its sadly viewing these betrayals. We will from now strictly follow own agendas. We publish when we are pleased to publish.

There is no need for now informed Dutch people to see your materials because they ALREADY KNOW what's on them!

This most true and now time form them to take own responsibility and not beg from us, while continued insults are thrown at us.

The above is NOT my struggle or goal. I am not inclined to fight ghosts as Shimura calls the Global Cabal which - if existent - cannot be opposed. Neither am I inclined to fight to the death a fight against GC, just for the cause of a belief or an idea.

For me it was up to today that I was willing to grant Shimura the benefit of the doubt to produce evidence as shown in the transcript or the occurrences around the murder. I am not inclined to sacrifice real friendship, trust and respect of many people who find some hope in the publications on SDN.

So I decided after careful thinking to remove your link to the website of AAaction, because great damage can be inflicted upon the functioning of our most revealing website which is unique in the world. Only if Shimura presents before 14.00 hours tomorrow - which is quit possible as she is in Luxembourg or Brussels - I am willing to consider a change of my policy to continue the possibility of a publication by the SDN.

One thing is clearly responsible for my decision. Your organisation is still utterly invisible. Only the direct eye contact and a handshake next to the presentation of real evidence is the key to do what Oyako Shimura says to persue: to reveal dark forces of deception. The first thing to do is de remove any doubt about the background and availability of material that can disclose a conspiracy against Pim Fortuyn, with the murder as a result and a complot organised by national or international entities.

Indira, I thank you for your message, but I cannot wait any longer. Not because of political manipulation, but because of intellectual analysis of many persons who say to me: all Shimura says is just a hoax. I am so sorry that things end up like this, but I must say, this is not my fault. To many postponements, policy decisions, changes, and your and Shimura's invisibility has jeopardised your and certainly my efforts to make this world a better place for all. The attitude of the US towards many countries today troubles me very much and I wonder why this did not trouble Oyako Shimura, because she is so loaded with remorse about what happened to Japan. First as a nation that got economically choked by import sanctions and later by a blockade of the Panama Canal which must have been devastating for the Japanese economy. Today similar forces are working their way towards Iraq and other states that do not comply with American interest.

As a result of all this I decided to remove the link to AAActions from my homepage and closed the subdirectory on the server on which you are invited to publish the video and other material about the murder on Pim Fortuyn. Maybe later when Oyako Shimura pays me a visit and shows me the material I can do something in the interest of mankind as a whole. For now the case is closed and I concentrate on my election in parliament as nr. 21 on the list of Emile Ratelband (list 16).

Open democracy with an input of the common people in politics is my objective. I want the world to be a planet that keeps up all kinds of life, including yours and mine.

Awaiting a physical contact only,

Most sincerely, Robert M. Brockhus (editor of the SDN).

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht----- Van: Indira Sayana []
Verzonden: donderdag 2 januari 2003 21:55
Aan: sdnl
Onderwerp: Re: People are eager to hear from you

Dearest Mr. Brockhus

Please don't worry, it is most unfortunate indeed how particular individuals in the Netherlands are manipulating. Miss. Shimura has received very disturbing warnings which we take most seriously. However I can report that Miss. Shimura is currently in Brussels or Luxembourg with the intention to travel to the Netherlands with CD containing the whole evidence pack.

She told me she would upon arrival arrange for a personal meeting with you during which you can view and evaluate all the materials at your home prior to installing it on your system.

Miss. Shimura as I understand will have to take security precautions as the Dutch situation is not very pleasant indeed.

Personally I am receiving very disturbing death announcements by undisclosed individuals from the Netherlands, which prompted me to send warning to Miss. Shimura to tke very good care of herself and others.

However she is protected and so you will, it is my impression that the combination of the Fortuyn evidence and overwhelming proof in relation to chemocide projects is highly explosive indeed.

My very best wishes - Indira

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