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International Clean Coal Technology Cooperation The Netherlands

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Clean Coal Technology has always had strong attention of the Dutch Government. In the Beginning of the eighties, the Netherlands adopted its policy for the re-introduction of coal, mainly for the electricity sector. One of the conditions was that good solutions had to be found for the use of coal in an environmentally friendly way.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has spent much effort in stimulating the development of clean coal technology by the Dutch industry. As a result, the coal-fired power stations in the Netherlands are nowadays all equipped with the most advanced clean coal technologies, i.e. combinations of low-NOx and de-SOx units.

Regarding coal-residues, in the past and with help of the Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment (Novem), much effort has been spent by the Dutch industry in finding useful applications. As a result, today, 100% of the coal-residues produced in the Netherlands is re-used. This is probably unequalled in the world. The Netherlands is willing to share its experience in clean coal technology with other countries, for mutual benefit.

I hope that this brochure will serve as a catalyst for further development of relations between the Netherlands and other countries in the field of clean coal technology.

Peter Scholten,
the Deputy Director-General of Energy.
The Directorate-General for Energy,
Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands.

The Chinese and Dutch delegation at the trad mission in 2000


A select group of Dutch expert companies decided to cooperate in the field of clean coal technology (CCT). They recognized the advantages of bundling their CCT activities and ?know how to guarantee a complete and high quality portfolio of services, equipment, and products. For that purpose, this group has established the International Clean Coal Technology Cooperation ?The Netherlands. The ICCTC-members together cover most parts of the drain of coal processing and conversion. Some of them transfer their CCT know how in consultancy and design services while others are able to deliver specific machinery and equipment. Besides that, high quality solutions are available for logistics and the conversion of coal by-products into building materials. The group has a continuous support from and a stimulating relationship with the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The main stay of the cooperation is to transfer clean coal technology to Asian countries, i.e. China, Indonesia, etc. The areas covered vary from mining, handling, transport, storage, firing techniques and rehabilitation, up to the processing of building materials from coal by-products. Because of the multidisciplinary expertise of this cooperation, the ability to assist in CCT education and ?research is present as well.

The International Clean Coal Technology Cooperation is represented by a Coordinating Management (CM) that is responsible for the gathering and distribution of business opportunities and projects to the members of the group. If a private company or a governmental agency has a need for complete solutions accompanied by products, processes, or appropriate know how in the field of Clean Coal Technology, the ICCT?CM is able to canalize this need.


The companies that join the ICCT Cooperation are:

  1. Aarding Group B.V. Machinery and equipment.

  2. APM Consultants B.V. New business development.

  3. De Boer Holding B.V. Machinery and equipment.

  4. GEHO PUMPS ® Pumpsystems & services.

  5. Hoogovens T.S. Europe B.V. Process technology.

  6. IWACO B.V. Consultants for water & environment.

  7. N.V. KEMA Environmental consultancy.

  8. Novem Agency for energy & environment.

  9. Nuon International B.V Energy and waste disposal systems.

  10. B.V. Vasim Lytag®-LWA technology.

In this prospectus the CCT-product and service portfolio of each member is elaborated.
If you have any questions, please contact the coordinating management.

ICCTC-Coordinating Management:
c/o. APM Consultants BV
PO. Box 156 Phone:         ++31 45 54 55 025
6470 ED KERKRADE     Telefax: ++31 45 54 51 210
The Netherlands                E-mail:

ICCT cooperation, March 1998


The Aarding Group is an international oriented concern engaged in designing and implementing solutions to engineering problems. Such solutions include construction works, concreting plants, airport ground equipment, the development of production processes, and the supply of technical innovations in the broadest sense.

Aarding regularly attracts worldwide attention with the supply of products and the realisation of unique products within:

  • The concrete industry
  • The energy market
  • The environment industry
  • Revision and maintenance

The innovative nature of Machinefabriek Aarding has resulted in a large and diverse product range for the concrete industry. Aarding, in close relationship with the customer, tries to find a solution to every project's characteristic. During the development Aarding makes an analysis to assess whether it is possible to use existing products and technologies with or without adjustments. If this is impossible, completely new ideas are developed. Our package of "concrete equipment complexes" consists among others of:

  • Prefab factories -------------- Carrousel systems
  • Pre-stressed beds ------------ Tilting tables
  • Moulds ---------------------- Construction equipment
  • Tunnel forms ----------------- Plants

Aarding is also capable of delivering complete concrete mix installations and factory systems, facilitating the manufacture of concrete elements.


APM Consultants is specialized in intermediary and advisory services in the fields of materials and environment. Her core-business is in principle the development of new businesses and relation networks. The services focus on technology transfer to and market development in countries in- and outside Europe. This transfer, among others, involves the identification of business opportunities and export markets for technologies, goods, and know how.

One of APM Consultants' expertises lies in the field of production and application of building materials, specifically where these materials are processed from or in combination with the reuse of by-products, like solid residue materials. Examples are among others stony mortar like products from cement, gypsum and lime and their production methods.

Solid by-products are almost integrally used in the masonry or building materials industry. APM's advice is based on her hands-on experience and knowledge of these technologies and their related materials. As a result, we are able to support and assist for example fly ash producers and other entrepreneurs in their successful development, operation, and expansion in the building industry market.

In replacing natural resources the application of industrial by-products in building materials has become more and more important. The Netherlands are known for their successful implementations in this field and APM Consultants will continue to play a major role in these developments.

By combining her knowledge of technical, social, economic and financing aspects APM Consultants enlarges the chances for the successful continuation and completion of projects, undertaken by European technology producers and suppliers, in overseas markets.


De Boer Holding B.V comprises two engineering enterprises, namely Machinefabriek De Boer B.V. and Machinefabriek Daanen B.V.

Machinefabriek de Boer is a manufacturer of heavy engineering works. Its modern machining division concentrates on general machinery and equipment manufacturing, among others:

  • Machinery for heavy ceramic industry, such as mould chain presses, mixers, transport systems, etc.
  • Machinery for processing solid waste, a.o. gangue, fly ash, etc.
  • General machinery and equipment manufacturing: bulk waste presses for municipal sanitation departments, a sintering machine for the production of light weight aggregate for concrete from fly ash and a compost transportation system for mushroom growing industry
  • Rapid service in the engineering field, such as: advice, design, repair and adaption work on existing installations and machinery, alignment of axle links, etc.

One of the company's most successful product is the "De Boer" mould chain press, a machine which manufactures bricks in a completely mechanised and automated process. In 1991 the range of products for the brick industry was expanded with machines of the type "Hubert" and in 1993 with machines of the type "Aberson". These types of machinery facilitate the production of hand moulded bricks.


GEHO PUMPS' have pioneered and proven the technology and economics of transporting high density residues from coal combustion for discharge onto a sloped disposal site.

Fly and bottom ash generated by coal-fired power plants are traditionally transported hydraulically or by mechanical means to ash dumps. Hydraulic ash transport has largely been in the form of dilute slurries; however, the continued use of this type of pumping has been questioned. The protection of the natural environment has limited the number of available options and increased costs for disposal of solid residue from coal use. Environmental problems are substantially eliminated by high density, s trans ort and sloped disposal technology. The slurry runs slowly over the disposal site, where the solids rapidly consolidate to a high density. There is little water run-off to form a pond.

If warranted by feasibility studies and sample testing, the slurry preparation plant, pipeline and disposal can be designed to handle various mixtures and ratios of fly ash, bed ash, bottom ash and flue gas desulphurisation residue.

GEHO PUMPS' can deliver several slurry applications, among others:

  • Coal combustion: high-density coal slurry transfer, gasifier slurry feeding, PFBC boiler paste feeding and coal residue high-density slurry transportation
  • Coal mining: long distance coal slurry pipeline transportation, mine desludging, mine dewatering, mine backfilling and pond excavation

GEHO PUMPS®'s principal benefits are among others the offering of state-of-the-art technology, pumping equipment and flow-sheet partnership, and the capability of laboratory testing and feasibility assessment. At this moment, over 450 piston diaphragm and hydraulically-driven piston pumps are operating world-wide.

GEM Consultants B.V.

GEM Consultants is an independent consulting and engineering firm, specializing in materials handling, logistics and process automation. Since the foundation in 1973, GEM Consultants has developed into a multi-disciplinary consultancy farm, carrying out projects in the field of ports and transport, processing industry, waste management, water supply and sewage treatment.

The services of GEM Consultants are provided by four expert groups:

  • Logistics & economics
  • Mechanical engineering & transport technology
  • Civil engineering & construction management
  • Process automation & electrical engineering

In the field of Clean Coal Technology and waste management, GEM Consultants has amongst others project experience concerning coal handling & transport, fly ash upgrading and storage, solid waste management, dust emission control, etc.

The services provided cover all stages of project development including identification, preparation, appraisal, implementation, commissioning and operation. This includes amongst others:

  • Marketing and distribution studies
  • Feasibility studies and pre-investment analyses
  • Management and organizational studies
  • Optimizing of cargo handling and storage facilities
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Operational audits
  • Definition of Programme Requirements
  • Obtaining building permits
  • Design and tender documents (civil, mechanical, electrical, automation)
  • On-site supervision
  • Project management
  • Training and operational assistance


Koninklijke Hoogovens N.V. is one of Europe's major steel and aluminium producers, and is besides that active in a number of related industries. Hoogovens Technical Services Europe BV, is an engineering and contracting company which objective is to exploit the know how and operational experience available within Hoogovens. HTS Europe is equipped to build turnkey installations worldwide, and its activities include projects in the following area's:

  • Blast furnace renovations and repairs
  • Hot blast stoves
  • Coke oven renovation
  • Dry scrubbing technology for the primary aluminium industry
  • Hot and cold rolling mill
  • Logistics and bulk material handling
  • Cleaning and detinning of packaging scrap
  • Dezincing of galvanized scrap

Important aspect of HTS Europe's activities is the Aardelite° technology, and the therefrom derived Carbolite® and Ecobrick® technologies. Aardelite` is a technology by which inorganic residues a.o. fly ash are turned into a lightweight aggregate for building industry, in e.g. masonry blocks and concrete products.

Derived from the Aardelite` process, is HTS Europe's Ecobrick°, a cold bonded masonry brick which contains over 95% fly ash. Ecobrick® is especially suited for interior walling.

Carbolite' is recently derived from the Aardelite° process. It is a technology capable of economically converting fine carbonaceous materials and ores into small hard pellets. The technology can easily be applied to process coal fines, coke breeze, gasification residues, char, furnace dust and a variety of metal ores. The pellets produced find application in numerous industrial processes where they can be used in the same applications as their primary products. These include fuels, reductants and/or raw materials.


IWACO is an independent Dutch consultancy firm for water and environment. Since its establishment in 1969, IWACO has expanded into a company with highly competent experts, specialized in the following fields: water resources management, environmental management, soil protection & remediation, water supply & sanitation, and institutional development.

Within these sectors, IWACO provides a wide range of consultancy services, ranging from research, studies, planning, technical assistance, technical designs and specifications, supervision, training, software development, and project management. IWACO aims at approaching the issues within water and environment in an integrated manner. Therefore IWACO provides technical disciplines as well as institutional, legal, and economic expertise. In addition, IWACO has a fully certified environmental laboratory.

In the field of water and environment lies among others, IWACO's expertise on Clean Coal Technology. The CCT activities and services are numerous, e.g.:

  • Coal residues:
  • ash-ponds applications: feasibility study, pre-design, and construction
  • quality characterization and specification
  • re-use and quality improvement of (fly) ashes
  • quality improvement of fly ashes
  • immobilisation of residues


KEMA is an international, knowledge intensive organization, active in the fields of electric energy systems, environmental technology and management, sustainable energy and information technology. Moreover, KEMA's competency also extends to areas of quality control in relation to product and system certification. Furthermore, KEMA provides support to investors in energy and environmental systems, in the relevant decision-making processes and subsequent project realization as well as providing solutions for the optimization of business operations. KEMA has business locations in the Netherlands, East- and Western Europe, USA, Hong Kong, and Jakarta.

KEMA Power Generation provides the energy sector, waste processing companies and industries with professional services to improve efficiency, reliability, safety and environmental performance of technical installations at lowest cost. KEMA Sustainable is committed to support energy companies, public authorities and industries in the development of a sustainable society. Our professional services include contract research, policy studies, project management, consultancy and engineering focussed on renewable energy supply, sustainable materials management, environment and health & safety.

The applications are among others: o Master-/rehabilitation plans for electricity production o Environmental management and audits for power industry o Coal & gas fired power stations and combined heat & power units o Municipal waste incineration o Waste fuels and biomass co-combustion and gasification o Desulphurization, deNOx and C02-reduction and -abatement o Renewable energy like biomass and wind o Cooling water, fish damage, biofouling, and biomonitoring o Waste water and process media treatment o By-products treatment, storage, utilization and environmental impact o Energy infrastructure o Building materials quality and soil remediation


The Netherlands government pursues an active policy on energy efficiency and environmental protection. To achieve the policy goals activities are focused on technological innovation and energy conservation. Novem plays an important role in this fields, managing many programmes aimed at environmental protection and improving energy efficiency. In doing so it acts on behalf of several Dutch government departments, as well as international organisations such as the International Energy Agency and the European Union.

Novem supports the development and application of new technologies, techniques and tools. Novem brings together government policy and market developments to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application.

Novem core business:

  • translates government policies into concrete programmes, projects, andactivities with various target groups
  • stimulates and supervises technological cooperation
  • provides for adequate exchange of knowledge and information
  • brings foreign knowledge to the Netherlands and vice versa
  • executes subsidy schemes


Nuon International -part of the Nuon Energy Group- makes use of knowledge and experience acquired during decades of infrastructure development in the Netherlands to enhance the design of energy, water and waste disposal systems around the world. Nuon International's wide range of products includes electricity, gas, water, heat exchange systems, and information services. The company wishes to establish long-term partnerships, both with governments and with the business community.

The company is a producer and distributor of energy and water, an operating partner in state-of-the-art power generation and manages its own energy, water, and communications infrastructure. In close cooperation with other companies it develops projects on a build, own and operate basis, ranging from combined heat and power to water- and energy-distribution, waste treatment and recycling. The company aims to provide 5% of its energy from renewable sources by the end of the decade using "clean" energy generated by wind and hydro-electric power as well as from thermal and photovoltaic solar energy. Nuon is also active in telecommunications, operating a large cable television network.

Nuon International offers total tailored energy, water, and management solutions, geared to the needs of governments and commercial clients anywhere in the world. They are committed to provide solutions that will strengthen towards healthier, wealthier, and more successful societies, always maintaining the balance with environment. The company is convinced that these two important enterprises -economic and social development on the one hand and environmental responsibility on the other - can be combined.


The history of B.V. Vasim started on July 1982 when a Dutch electricity enterprise founded a company with the aim of manufacturing Lytag®-LWA (Light Weight Aggregate). Raw material for the production of Lytag©-LWA is fly ash, a by-product that originates from the burning of coal in power plants. Lytag°-LWA is a very high quality product suitable for many applications in the concrete, steel and dry mortar industry. It is for example used:

  • in pre-stressed floor elements, girders, load bearing interior cavity sheets and dividing walls
  • in ready-mix and in-place cast structural concrete
  • in light weight building blocks and dry mortars
  • as insulation layer to cover liquid steel
  • for lining of steel pipes

Since the establishment approximately 2 million tons Lytag®-LWA has been produced and sold. The sales area covers the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Incidental, Lytag©-LWA is sold at a longer distance.

In 1993, the know how for the construction and production of a process installation was sold to Poland. At this moment B.V. Vasim is able to transfer and is willing to sell the know how to manufacturers all over the world. The know how transfer includes among others:

  • Data concerning basic engineering
  • Consultancy and assistance during detailed engineering and design, e.g. technical drawings
  • Control of design engineering
  • Training, a.o. production and maintenance employees
  • Assistance in start-up stage
  • Consultancy and assistance regarding market research, and marketing plan
  • Transfer of know how concerning the application of Lytag'-LWA and training of sales employees and management
  • After sales service
  • Process guarantee

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