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Call for the financial support for an operation of dr. Horst Günther
who caught cancer from this reseach of depleted uranium in Iraq

Ed Steur .. Burgers & Bijlmer . . Prof. Günther Bijlmerramp Solbach-Freise Stg. für Zivilcourage

Prof. dr. Günther hat jetzt sebst Krebs bekommen

Researcher of depleted uranium in Iraq has now cancer himself

Prof. dr. Günther

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Van: martin meissonnier
Aan: Eduardus I.M.Steur

donderdag 7 december 2000 10:04

Onderwerp: Re: How can we help him

Dr. Günther has no money. Even a little can help him.
If you dont have any send him a postcard or a letter to support its moral.
I am sure he will be very sensitive to that.

Best regards

Martin Meissonnier

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Claim of damages after the Bijlmer disaster based on Human Rights (EVRM)

    Subject: How can we help him?

    7 December 2000

    E.I.M. Steur
    Silvoldestraat 51
    1107 TC Amsterdam Z.O.

    The Netherlands - Europe

    Hello Martin,

    My name is Ed Steur and I read the message send by Tara Thornton that Dr. Horst Günther has cancer now. What is his problem and how can we help him? Does he only need money or something else? I can not help him with money because I am also a vitim of the El Al Bijlmer crash in 1992 and ill now and I live on social security which is not very much. What I can do for him is a call in the Dutch language for money on a site of the Bijlmer crash on the internet so people can send money to him in Germany.

    I wish him all the best and I do hope that his illness can be cured. He has done very good things and I am gratefull with all the people on the world that he wrote in Europe about his findings about Depleted Uranium. It is clear that DU is very dangerous for our health. My greetings and my kind regards,

    Ed Steur (vrijwillige hulpverlener)

    sincerely, Ed Steur.

    Wissenschaftlicher Untersucher von Uran im Irak hat jetzt selbst Krebs

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