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De handgeschreven brief aan de Swiss Bank Corporation te Luzern

IRM . . Juristen . . EU Grondwet <==> SDN . . Klokkenluider . . Jeugdzorg . . Burhoven

    Schweizer Hofquai c/o Amundsenlaan 141 6002 Luzerne [SBC-stempel van ontvangst Eindhoven Switzerland 2 JUNI 1986 [ 07 44 ] The Netherlands

    (nr. customer 70-7,044) Dear Sirs, Could you be so kind as to open a new bank (custody)account with your bank on the name of Mrs.M.C.M. de Kroon c/o Mrs. M. de Kroon-van Oerle, Amundsenlaan 141, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and have transferred from my account with your bank nr. 70-7044 the following funds to this new account -- 42 SHS Japan Portfolio --700 SHS Universal Bond Selection EC 9349 At the same time I request you to open a new savings account on the same person's name and have SFR 1500 transferred from mij existing bank (savings)account (70-7044) to her account. Could you please have these instructions executed today Untill further instructions I like to have the yearly dividends of the fund reinvested in Universal Bond Selection shares at your special conditions. Yours faithfully, [Unterschrift kontrolliert]

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