Zou een aanpasbaar en flexibel zonnefilter in de ruimte een oplosing zijn voor de opwrming van de aarde...??

How do we protect the Earth from the sun's heat and warming of the Earth?

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Huizen, 20 November 2013

   How to control the warming up of the planet

How do we protect the Earth from the sun's heat and warming up of the Earth? With a screen consisting of a stationary spot in space that keeps a cloud of small biodegradable particles that spread slowly like a screen, which will gradually be blown away with the solar wind. The material will scatter the radiation from the sun coming towards the Earth and will be diffused and scattered which a chosen material as self-rising flour. Radiation will be absorbed and deflected partly aside the earth and cannot warm up the planet more than required. Regularly a new load of fine dust has to be launched, because the filtering of the sun will decrease gradually. The dust, or flour, can control the heating up just enough and can be well controlled. A small effort with other nations solves the problem. Much cheaper than doing nothing and have hurricanes.

An acquaintance of mine thought that my idea would not be feasible. But I know something about radiation and light. Earth is irradiated by the sun (a star) about 150 million kilometers away. The radiation beam from the sun has a maximum angle of half a degree, and is almostly plane-parallel. When the parallel radiation is scattered into a more diffuse radiation in space at a stationary spot by a rocket that gradually emits dust in a slow circular motion, then less than a hundred percent of the current radiation reaches the earth as a result of the sun's screen filtering. This because a part of the scattered radiation will pass aside the earth and in all directions. It will no longer reach the earth in full. Ergo, the warming up can be manipulated and stopped, but doesn’t solve the problem of CO2 emission.

Again and again, a cargo of particles should be launched in order to maintain a desired level of diffusion, without an adverse effect on the planet. This because all dust for diffusion will be active as long as it can change the linear radiation from the sun. It operates as long as it floats in the space between the sun and the earth, and it will always be removed with the solar wind after a period of time. Either along the earth in the atmosphere, or forever into the universe.

A friend of mine made ​​the remark that ‘self-rising’ flour should actually be given the name of self-traveling flour, because the solar wind will return this baking ingredient to Earth. Possibly by clumping in space into a palatable form of space cake, which can fall from the blue sky. Just as the Bible said that manna fell from heaven after the Exodus of the Jews with their wandering of 40 years in the desert, in order not to perish. Wonders of the world are clearly still happening.

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To the participants of the Climate Conference in The Hague

Environmental solution…!!

CO2 expulsion contributes to global warming up, but you know that methane does this a hundredfold. However, the President of your conference, mr. Jan Pronk (responsible Minister for the Environment), accepts in his domestic policy that huge amounts of most dangerous and cancer invoking poisonous waste, like arsenic and chromium, are dumped into products and spread all over Europe through exports. Moreover, Pronk's administration frustrates and prohibits the final solution of recycling. The recycling company 'Edelchemie BV' holds 96 patents to convert all (read: ALL) toxic waste to non-toxic and useful materials like silver. The question is: Why does the Dutch administration act this way ??!!!

If you want to contribute to the preservation of life, human, animal and plant, you should and must enquire about this technology called ZERO-OPTION technology. Visit the internet website of the SDN, and convince yourself: edelchemie.htm

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