Proposal for a Nobel Prize for ir. L.M.M. Nevels of Edelchemie

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How do we protect the Earth from the sun's heat and warming of the Earth?

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Huizen, The Netherlands, 17 October 2000

Mr. Olav Njølstad, Ph.D. (Research Director)


As a concerned watcher of politics about environmental issues and practices in The Netherlands, I would like to draw your attention to the ultimate solution that can eliminate global pollution by getting rid of any kind waste.

As I noticed sever resistance in politics against this much desired technology and the failing compliance with legislation in my country, next to incomprehensible ignoration of European law and European administration of justice of the law, I thought that maybe the award of a Nobel Prize for the Environment would help to prevent the world to parish in it own waste and poisonous materials in the air, on land and in water.

It is a shame that the technology that was developed by ir. L.M.M. Nevels of Edelchemie BV (a recycling factory) has had so much resistance. Maybe the Nobel Institute can turn around the practice of poisoning for profit, so the world's population can benefit from that technology. I hope your office will pay attention to the information on the website of Edelchemie BV in The Netherlands at the internet address: edelchem.htm

With friendly regard,

R.M. Brockhus (sysop SDN)

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