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Door: Dr Paul E. Metz

To: friends & relations with interest in adjusting the free market conditions for more employment, social and environmental protection, human rights, sustainable innovation, fair trade and ditto competition; see mailing list.

Many events in the past year show that a beautiful range of initiatives is developing for years, each fine-tuning its own innovative paradigm for the modernisation of market economic theory, however, without real success. The works of Thomas Paine, Adam Srnith, Henry George, Jan Tinbergen and the ideas of Herman Daly, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker, John Kenneth Galbraith, Hans Binswanger, Greenpeace/DIW, BWN, 'Chapter 10' and others offer much more than 'mainstream' political and business leaders can believe. It is now dear that these 'paradise islands' are interdependent and that each advocacy group cannot realise its own claim on the political issue agenda.


Agenda 21, social security and justice, equity, human rights, convergence, resource property rights, government reform, business process redesign, environmental quality and security, global commons, ecotaxes, democracy, [UN-] basic income, tax reform, joint implementation, decentralisation, risk management, internalisation of external effects, peace, political integrity, business ethics, incentives -not regulations, mentality of citizens 1 consumers, prevention of fraud, corruption & subsidies, sustainability, etc.

The necessity of a breakthrough in economic theory and its integration in policies, strategies and institutional structures for environmental and social quality, a high level playing field, employment and competitiveness is widely recognised, but not organised. The powerful 'conservative' lobbies easily continue to dominate the political scene as long as these innovators remain divided and practically invisible as a result.

I know you are committed to this progress and can help develop a platform for cooperation between the organisations in the mailing list and others you may know. A 'sense of urgency' cannot be denied in view of a.o. coming Dutch policy papers on Climate, Environment & Economics and Sustainable Land Use and EU-Communications on Econornic Instruments and SD &Employment.

It seems useful to get the existing forces urgently identified and cooperate all over Europe. The New Economics Foundation can be a model and similar initiatives may exist. I offer to be a catalyst and mailbox for a short period. If you support this idea, please indicate any willingness to give support for a first Dutch or an EU-platform: as a participant, as a host for secretariate coordination 1 meeting, as an ambassador or any other way. if not, please inform why. Reply preferably by email, and send copies of this letter directly to other (European) persons you believe to be potentially interested.

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