Power stations in developing countries can go bankrupt by
European subsidy on greenhouse friendly energy production

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Letter to the Ambassador of the State of India Mrs. Shyamala B. Cowsik

Your Excellency,

Herewith I send you a copy of my letter to the appropriate European Commissions on August 15th 2001, in order to warn for a possible economical disruption concerning the energy supply in developing countries, as well as for the consequences for all people because of the diffused spread of carcenogenic and toxic materials, such as heavy metals, into the air. The text speaks for itself.

With the highest regards,

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Members of the committee on Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy

Subject: New type of economical colonialism in developing countries with subsidy of European Community

Huizen, The Netherlands, August 15. 2001


    This is the third mail you receive from the Social Databank Netherlands. All members of your committee with an e-mail box will receive this mail, and the members of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer policy will be informed as well, next to the members of the committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market and on Budgetary Control. Also the appropriate contacts with the press will have a copy of this mail. In the Netherlands the government and all members of parliament with an e-mail address have received a third version, as well as the Dutch press and broadcasting services.

    Thank you for your attention on a international problem deriving from the World Trade Organisation Treaty en the GATS treaty for services for our environment and our health; for now and in the future, especially for the solutions that are available today as shown with this video (click)

The Dutch ministry for the environment (VROM) mr. J. Pronk, claims 1.300.000.000 guilders or 590.000.000 euro to subsidize the burning of (toxic) waste and biomass in electricity stations. The minister knows that huge quantities of heavy metals such as arsenic, chrome, mercury, cadmium and other carcinogenic toxins will be dispersed into the environment through the chimney exhaust.

In my opinion it is fraudelous to acquire community money to produce so called "Green current" in privatised energy stations, fuelled with coal in order to dispose of toxic biomass on a large scale, making excessive profits at the expense of health conditions of all Europeans. Besides this, the way this taxpayers money is used must be unacceptable, because in a neo-colonial way public funds result in private property in other and developing countries which will harm competition locally.

For example: NUON now invests with our public money in private energy stations in India in order to produce any amount of so called 'GREEN CURRENT' for the local market and with a certificate of an Indian office, NUON can collect 17 guilder cents or 7,7 euro cents for each kilowatt hour by burning (abundantly available) waste with an uncontrolled label 'BIOMASS'. This is new form of colonialism, financed with community money and ruining the local energy market (in India) for electricity, because the currency exchange rate between the guilder and or euro to the rupiah of India is so wide that local energy stations in India will go broke, just as the Berkel station did in Holland, that produced nearly clean electricity by fuelling with natural gas.

I herewith request to block this subsidy and appoint the use of those funds differently to invoke to days technology, called the "Zero-option", that was developed by a recycling company in the Netherlands. With this technology we can get rid of all toxic waste completely. To view this technology you can visit a website where de demonstration video is available. All spoken in Dutch of course. Do visit the website of the Social Databank Netherlands at video.html and choose the icon Edelchemie: de NUL-optie

Please let me know if you have understood what benefit the European community can have from this environmental solution.


Robert M. Brockhus (webmaster of the SDN)


Robert M. Brockhus (webmaster of the SDN)

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