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Henry George (1839-1897) has left a legacy in both economic theory and public opinion

Call for Paper: 'Henry George Re-Considered'

October 29, 1997

Maastricht University, room 1.089

The American economist Henry George (1839-1897) has left a legacy in both economic theory and public opinion, and the two sometimes stand in each other's way. The great taskmaster of economists, Joseph Schumpeter, gave George high marks. The centenary of his death on October 29, 1897, provides a welcome opportunity to look at his scholarly contribution from the point of view of today's pressing problem.

George provided, in today's language, a tax constitution in order to promote development. Hence, his work should be relevant with respect to such diverse issues as:

  1. Meeting the Maastricht criteria.

  2. Organizing an orderly transition process from planned economies to market economies.

  3. Solving the problem of an aging population.

  4. This is a tall order.

A conference will be held at Maastricht University to address these and related issues that the work of Henry George poses. Papers in any of these fields are welcome. Conference languages are English, Dutch and German. For further information please contact:

Professor Dr. Jürgen G. Backhaus

Maastricht University, AE
PO. Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands

tel. +31-43-3883636
fax. +31-43-3258440
E-mail: f.schijlen@algec.unimaas.nl.


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