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Edelchemie has the technology to dispose of Problematic Waste

Flue gases wet scrubber

And has done for 25 years!

|Brief history of Edelchemie|

Governments regulations regarding waste disposal and the environmental impacts of such operations are thankfully becoming ever-stricter. But Edelchemie has been keeping ahead of these regulations for years.

Edelchemie's ZERO-option concept succesfully demonstrates that waste can be processed in an environmentally friendly and economically attractive manner.
Edelchemie is THE environmental trend-setter.

Prevention of waste materials, re-use of products and raw materials, and disposal with recovery of energy are all preferable options to landfilling or discharging waste into the foul sewer.
Edelchemie has developed reliable methods for dealing with highly-problematic waste which exceed government standards; present and future!
What makes these methods so unique is the good balance between environmental and economic results.

Advanced Environmental Technology

Founder and Managing Director Ir. L.M.M. Nevels

Proper recycling is "breaking down and converting waste, using Nature's laws"!

That has been the vision of Edelchemie's founder and Managing Director Ir. L.M.M. Nevels for 25 years.
A vision which has always been ahead of its time, but this is typical for Edelchemie.

Through research and engineering, Edelchemie has succesfully adapted certain "Natural" processes to provide a unique Environmental Technology for processing Highly-Problematic Waste such as photographic waste materials.
Technologies and processes are developed in-house and guarantee optimal processing.

Processing via the Edelchemie ZERO-option concept

A treatment process with many internal material recycles. Waste materials are used for processing other types of waste. The so called "Waste to Waste" Principle. Energy and raw materials are recovered for re-use. The strictest of sollution control requirements are met and no process effluents are discharged.

This quest to continiously develop new advanced and innovative Environmental Technology has resulted in a large number of worldwide patents for Edelchemie.

Processing reliability

Modern laboratories
Edelchemie operates its own collection system whereby waste is collected from customers. On arrival at the treatment site, the waste materials are carefully tested in modern laboratories.
With on-site storage and treatment Edelchemie's total approach is complete. Total control!
This total approach and the use of the "Waste to Waste" Principle for treatment ensure that Edelchemie's price policy remains stable.

Edelchemie takes its responsibilities seriously, and offers its customers long-term reliability for processing their waste materials.
Edelchemie's environmental and quality control policy has been certified.

In the future, Edelchemie will continue to present innovative solutions for the environmental problems facing its many customers. Using "Natural" Environmental Technology!

Your United Kingdom contact

For any further information on the environmental issues relating to Highly Problematic Waste such as photographic waste or queries about the commercial services offered to UK customers, please contact Edelchemie.

Name		:	Leo P.J. Nevels, M.Sc., General manager
Address		:	Holland House
			Valley Way, The Welland Ind. Est.
			Market Harborough
			Leicestershire LE16 7PS
Telephone	:	+44 (0)1858 469001
Facsimile	:	+44 (0)1858 469002
Mobile		:	+44 (0)802  823800

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