Election and mistification
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This email was sent in the night of April 21th at 02:50:44 Greenwich time to the following addresses on the internet, attempting to provoke a discussion about monetary and political aspects of our economy. It seems rather simple to get such an item under the public scrutiny, considering all commotion about the Euro and the Monetary Union, but nothing is less true than this.

    Dutch translation of the intro

Deze email werd 's nachts op 21 April 1997 om 02:50:44 +0200 uur verzonden naar de onderstaande adressen, met de bedoeling een discussie uit te lokken over de monetaire, geldpolitieke aspecten van de economie. Het lijkt eenvoudig om een dergelijk onderwerp in de belangstelling te krijgen, gezien alle commotie rondom de euro en de monetaire unie, maar niets is minder waar.

From - Mon, 21 Apr 1997 02:50:44 +0200
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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 11:37:37 +0200
From: "R.M. Brockhus" sdn@planet.nl
Reply-To: sdn@planet.nl
Organization: st. Sociale databank Nederland
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Subject: From the continent for the election debate
References: 335AB527.370D@planet.nl
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Earlier this day I wrote you, BBC, a comment on your election debate. The discussion concentrates on the issue of the single currency, and on the dangers from the continent. So far however, you did not invite anyone from the continent to enter the discussion and get some answers. Perhaps you want me in that debate?? As long you have umemployed construction workers next to hundreds of thousands of homeless people, and overproductive farmers next to hungry poor people, begging for food and eating from garbage cans, something is wrong with your economic and monetary system. To suggest that the economy is florishing today, is no less than dishonourable for honourable representatives.

I am looking for economists and politicians who understand money as a phenomenon. So far economists can only teach and show you how to generate one pound from another pound. But no one can tell you where the second pound virtually comes from, where ends it up, how fast it travels, weather it is productive or comsumptive. In short, economists can't distinguish the front side of a pound from its back side. And that will not change with the coming euro, unless an open discussion is forced upon them. Well, give it a try.


From tr. Robert M. Brockhus
I wrote:

    > to the BBC program On The Record
    > as you asked for an email, I send you this one.
    > ---
    > Subject: [Election and mistification]
    > Date: sun, 19 Apr 1997
    > From: "R.M. Brockhus" sdn@planet.nl
    > Organization: Foundation Social Databank Netherlands
    > To the British electorate:
    > Unemployment is really no curse at all. But, for certain, poverty is.
    > It's sad to see a nation suffer from greed so severely. It is an
    > outrage that a so called "civilized" nation has so many homeless
    > people, beggars, next to millions of old people almost starving with
    > a pension of just 65 a week.
    > You Albion, deserve no better, as long as you do not accept minimum
    > social standards. A single currency is only good when competition is
    > based on equal conditions. As long as Britain tries to fight inflation
    > and tries to conquer the global market by empoverishing its
    > population, I am glad to see you out of the European common market.
    > Thank God, for all the seawater between us.
    > To enlighten things, here are some figures published in 'de Volkskrant',
    > which make visible that only Luxembourg with about 350.000 inhabitants
    > meets the standards of the Maastricht Treaty. So don't be afraid, the Euro
    > is not coming to you or to any other nation for a while.
    > De Volkskrant of April 17th
    >              inflatiom | LT interest | surplus BNP | National debt
    >  Belgium         1,8        6,5          -3,3          130,6
    >  Danmark         1,9        7,2          -1,4           70,2
    >  Germany         1,2        6,2          -4,0           60,8
    >  Greece          7,9       14,8          -7,9          110,6
    >  Spain           3,6        8,7          -4,4           67,8
    >  France          2,1        6,3          -4,0           56,4
    >  Ireland         -,-        7,3          -1,6           74,7
    >  Italy           4,0        9,4          -6,6          123,4
    >  Luxembourg      1,2        6,3          +0,9            7,8
    >  Netherlands     1,5        6,2          -2,6           78,7
    >  Austria         1,8        6,3          -4,3           71,7
    >  Portugal        2,9        8,6          -4,0           71,1
    >  Finland         1,5        7,1          -3,3           61,3
    >  Sweden          0,8        8,0          -3,9           78,1
    >  United Kingdom  -,-        7,9          -4,6           56,2
    > This table shows clearly that, except for Luxembourg, no country
    > meets all conditions for entering the Euro Market. The Netherlands
    > however, do meet all condition, (not visible in this table)
    > because the Netherlands is the only country where the state has
    > saved and stockpiled money for the pensions for civil servants
    > up to 25 percent of the GDP. This results in a real national debt
    > of 53%. After all, the Netherlands have no real interest in joining
    > the single market because, except for Luxembourg, all the other
    > nations will enter with worse economic conditions.
    > Aside from this, the creation of the single market is a guarantee
    > for the absence of a continental war in the future, so we have to
    > pay a small price for this insurance with a smile.
    > P.s. read the file AMERICA.NO! from the homepage of SDN and the
    > reaction of an American woman at --->
    > sdnl.nl/america.htm and
    > sdnl.nl/america2.htm
    > -----------

Foundation Social Databank Netherlands
Robert M. Brockhus (secretary)
P.O.box 3030, 1273 RJ Huizen, The Netherlands

Website: sdnl.nl
E-mail: sdn@planet.nl
Tel: (++31) 035-5244141

Op woensdag 23 april werd ook naar de Nederlandse omroepwereld hetzelfde bericht gezonden.

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