From where came all those billions of dollars and euro's? Do we have to pay interest rates over money we created ourselves?

The infinity of the growth of money

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Aristotle: Interest on money is the most insane invention of mankind

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The answer should be: approximately 23 billion terrestrial globes of pure and massive gold. The calculation is done by a formula by doubling the numeric value of capital at a rate of once every eight point three years.

You will probably know the story of the chess board and the doubling of grains as a reward for the inventor of the game, promised by an Arabian king. That was a doubling by 2 to the power of 63, resulting in a quantity of grain that could not be produced by the whole world in a year.

In case of the doubling of capital, because of integrated interest from the birth of Christ until now, the value of that single dollar cent grows to an incomprehensible amount of capital with a counter value of 23 billion globes of massive gold. This is the result of the doubling process of 240 times of the original dollar-cent plus integrated interest in 2000 years.

Do you get a hunch now why Wall Street crashed in 1929 and Tokyo in 1987, and why economic crises and wars happen? Do you resemble the figure in the drawing, the Scrooge figure for kids? Just ask Mr. George Soros the multi-billionaire and philanthropist.